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Blind VI's Terms of Use Page

This page will show up in the following areas of the site: Blind VI, Braille Suite, White Cane Project, Access Tech & Guiding Paws start pages right below the copyright notice. It'll also show up in the Websites section of Blind VI because thats where a bunch of articles & the eye conditions section houses. As mentioned via the last entry, I have to start using a TOU page on certain areas of the website. Because some visitors are careless and need to understand that if you use the articles you gotta be discreet. On the bottom of each TOU page you'll see a link either back to the start pages where the TOU is linked or back to Blind VI's start page. At some point in the future if I get rid of the title names (i.e. from Braille Suite to Braille.) I'll focus on one TOU page but with a links list of start pages where you can go to. So instead of 6 seperate pages it'd be down to one.

Below is a copy of the page. Notice I'm very particular on whats expected of a visitor who uses any of my information. It's more like me saying "You can use the information just use common sense and be discreet and respectful."

Unless indicated otherwise, all images and information on this site was originally written by the authors stated in the article/image source credits (at the end of each article taken from print/web source.) and are protected by both US and international copyright laws. The below lists the terms of use users of Blind VI must agree to before using the images and or information before hand:
  • Users may use any of the information found on Blind VI on personal, educational, non-profit, non-commercial web sites, free of charge. However, users may NOT redistribute, sell, or repost for download any of the info/images found on Blind VI on any medium (CD-Rom, website, video, brochures, etc.) as articles from this part of Blind VI was taken from the net and properly credited.

  • Users agree not to remove the watermark, if present on any images or articles.

  • If using articles in a report/presentation or speech they agree to source Blind VI in their bibliography/works cited pages.

  • If using the downloaded version as a hand out/article etc they agree NOT to remove the article/image source along with the copyright notice at the bottom of each article. If you use the articles you will give credit where credit is due.

  • Users agree not to hold Blind VI liable for any damages resulting from proper or improper use of any information or images found on the website.
Thanks for taking the time reading this and understanding.
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