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Sorry for the delays.

Howdy folks. It's been a loooong time since I made up a update. I've been working on the website real slowly. Reason? I was cleaning my closet one day and found my old high school blindness resource binder. Since I'm reactivating my NFB status I wanted to update it. Everyone has at least one of these scrap book type deals. If you don't you can get the binder, paper and other supplies at a local office supply store. If it's anything blindness related (like a magnifyer or a slate) you'd have to go through your local vision store (or go online).

It's a surprise as to what I'm doing. I will say this: If you get any articles, notes or handouts via ILS/braille/mobility/Access Tech classes store it in the binder. You never know when you'll need to reuse those items. It's also good to have a article on your eye condition... It came in handy for me on 3 occations. And I know as my sight slowly gets worse this binder will be my life line.

So I've not abaondoned Blind VI. If anything, I've found new stuff for the site that I gotta read up on first. I'm hoping that I can one day publish my work (websites don't last forever books however do.). Anything I put on Blind VI (old or current) it's going in the book. I understand a blindness resource book is so much to digest at one point. But I feel this has helped me cope and adapt to being visually impaired. Some find this inspiring while others find this annoying (or attention getting which ever comes first.).

Take Care and please continue to visit and refer Blind VI and it's many linked websitees!
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