February 10th, 2010


New Forms Coming Soon

Big Thanks goes out to Jotform.com. They've got a really sweet form builder on the web. They provide the following free tools:
  • Contact Form
  • Blog Contact/Survey
  • Event Calendar
  • Document Uploader
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Time Sheet
  • Job Application Form
  • RSVP for a Party or Wedding
  • Bug Tracker
  • Reservation Form
I suggested a Tell A Friend & Poll items to be added to their free program. I found the form easy to use. Not sure how well it is jaws friendly. If it's not I'll try to make it accessible. And if it's still not I'll allow visitors to continue emailing me at the hotmail email addresss that I kept.

Along with the contact form going live soon, I'm also working on a visitor survey. The problem with this survey is it's in flash (because iwth my personal website I added page break components (buttons). If it comes to doing html in one long form I will.